Industrial Burners

Industrial burners are used in combustion systems to generate heat for various industrial applications. They efficiently burn fuels like gas, oil, or a combination, producing a controlled flame to meet specific heating requirements in processes such as drying, melting, or heating in industrial settings.

Siemens Burner Controller

Siemens burner controllers are advanced control systems specifically designed for industrial burners. They provide precise monitoring and control over burner operations, ensuring safe and efficient combustion processes. These controllers offer features like flame supervision, ignition control, fuel-air ratio modulation, and remote monitoring capabilities.

Siemens Burner Servo Motors

Siemens servo motors are high-performance motors used in industrial automation systems. They offer precise control and positioning capabilities, making them ideal for applications requiring accurate motion control, such as robotics, CNC machines, conveyor systems, and packaging equipment.

Pressure Switch

A pressure switch is used to monitor and control pressure levels in various systems. It senses changes in pressure and triggers a switch to activate or deactivate specific functions, ensuring safe and efficient operation in applications like HVAC systems, hydraulic systems, and industrial processes.

Fuel Pumps

Fuel pumps are mechanical or electrical devices used to transfer fuel from a storage tank to a combustion system. They provide a steady and reliable fuel supply, maintaining the required pressure for efficient burner operation in industries such as heating, power generation, and transportation.

Siemens Detectors

Siemens detectors are sensors used for various applications, including flame detection, gas detection, and temperature monitoring. These detectors play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and optimal operation of industrial systems, alerting operators to potential hazards or deviations from normal operating conditions.

Siemens Combustion Controller

Siemens combustion controllers are sophisticated control systems designed for optimizing combustion processes in industrial applications. They provide precise control over fuel-air ratios, combustion efficiency, and emissions, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency in heating systems, boilers, and industrial furnaces.

Ignition Transformer

An ignition transformer is an electrical device used to generate a high-voltage spark or arc for igniting fuel in combustion systems. It converts low-voltage electrical power into high-voltage pulses, enabling reliable and efficient ignition of burners in applications such as boilers, furnaces, and gas turbines.

Burner Nozzles

Burner nozzles are components designed to deliver a precise spray pattern of fuel for combustion. They atomize the fuel, breaking it into fine droplets, ensuring efficient and clean combustion. Burner nozzles play a crucial role in maintaining optimal combustion performance and reducing emissions in industrial burners.

UV Cell

A UV cell, also known as a flame detector, is a sensor that detects the presence or absence of a flame by sensing ultraviolet (UV) radiation emitted during combustion. It is commonly used in industrial burner systems as a safety device, ensuring reliable flame detection and preventing the risk of uncontrolled combustion or fuel leakage.

Dungs Gas

Dungs is a well-known manufacturer of gas control and safety equipment. Dungs gas products include gas valves, gas pressure regulators, gas filters, and gas pressure switches. These products ensure safe and reliable gas supply, control, and monitoring in industrial heating systems, burners, and gas appliances.

Danfoss Transformer

Danfoss transformers are electrical devices used for power distribution and voltage regulation. They convert electrical energy from one voltage level to another, providing a stable and controlled power supply to various industrial systems, including burners, motors, and control panels.


Industrial Valves

Industrial valves are mechanical devices used to control the flow, pressure, and direction of fluids or gases in industrial processes. They play a crucial role in regulating the movement of media within pipelines or systems, ensuring efficient operation and safety in industries such as oil and gas, chemical, and power generation.

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