An experienced supplier of goods like Siemens Detectors, Fuel Pumps, Danfoss Gas Burner Ignition Transformer, Siemens Combustion Controller etc.

Best Seller

Since being founded in 1996, De Novo has developed into one of the most respected supplier and trader of a broad range of industrial burners. Our products are produced at the by our partners utilizing cutting-edge technology while upholding recognized international standards. Our collection includes items lies Industrial Light Oil Burner, LME22 Siemens Burner Controller, Siemens Burner Servo Motor, LGW 10 A2 P Dungs Air Pressure Switch, etc. These products are acclaimed for being straightforward to use, simple to maintain, and long-lasting.

Some of the permitted market merchants are where these products are bought. Before selecting these vendors, our procurement agents take into account the clients they have previously served, their ability to fill large orders, delivery deadlines, market reputation, and quality standards. We have positive connections with our vendors because we conduct business ethically and maintain lines of communication open with them.

Our mentor, Mr. Dhruv Goyal, is significantly responsible for our achievement in this industry. His knowledge has helped us bring in a significant client.

Brands We Deal In

We have been dealing with reputed brands namely:

  • C.I.B. Unigas
  • Danfoss
  • Monarch
  • Siemens
  • Simel Electric Motors
  • Fludics
  • Cofi Ignition
  • Brahma
  • Honeywell
  • Dungs Combustion Control
  • Giuliani Anello
  • Suntec Insight
  • Kromschroder
  • Vanaz
  • Monarch
  • Fida
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